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Oct 8, 2021

Kid, L.B and Nurse Fiona discuss gorilla sex, banging alot of possible mommies, gay but in the closet shit and how badly that son of a bitch is gonna destroy assholes far and wide.  We wrap with lots of hardon talk, holding off and cum dumpstering. Go Deep


1:00 L. To the motherfucking B.

2:00 Go to change your adult diaper

3:00 I wanna give her a recorder to catch dirty dad talk

4:00 Middle child infant - sic of the toddler - excuse to get away

5:00 Nurse Fiona reading some dirty mom chat 

6:00 We don’t fuck around - I know shit

7:00 Time for the hard drive install

8:00 Girlscout cookie shit - Dad and mom slamming

9:00 Mom’s at home and dad and I at the strip club - Dad at hooters

10:00 Going out to find girls to have threesomes

11:00 The roast beef sammich - thinking about it

12:00 Strict family shit

13:00 Newly found that he likes the dick

14:00 Have you heard what Bruce willis said on this 

15:00 There’s a little bit to that

16:00 Woke up with a hard on that a sledgehammer couldn’t break

17:00 You’re a cum dumpster aren’t you? 

18:00 Nurse Fiona life is whatever - Kid and a hardon - the last snatch

19:00 I have no idea where that went and it was great 

Go Deep.