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Oct 11, 2021

Kid, L.B. and Nurse Fiona discuss how to properly trim your bush, when to trim and how its used to keep you from certain situations you may want to dodge. Kid talks about hardon anxiety, eating pussy like a tiger, banging ugly people, and what new idea Nurse Fiona has to find your vein. Listen in. Go Deep.


1:00 We’re here for educational purposes

2:00 L. To the B. Lady meeting

3:00 Be completely hydrated

4:00 Shaft work is the boot

5:00 You ever run into questioning into why you did

6:00 Doesn’t matter if you’re banging a banana

7:00 Hardon Anxiety

8:00 Effort into everything - make you scream

9:00 Being cool with what gets said

10:00 Attractive dude 

11:00 looking for 19 year old versions - the tic tac

12:00 Fuck em and finger bang 

13:00 Doing it right and average

14:00 Knowing she’s attractive

15:00 Have you exchanged numbers yet

16:00 I’m getting a kick out of it - No number for you ghetto weird

17:00 Stars aligning and so many drunks

18:00 Homebase - You have hangover - Hydration station

19:00 Dripping off the side

Go Deep.