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Nov 29, 2021

Kid and Fiona in studio discuss awful sex, sister and brother fights, kids passing out during sex ed, stiff shitty sex, stinky snatch, being an instigator and pretty please wash up before you stick body parts in your mouth. Go Deep.


1:00 What the fuck is this shit - Fucking Spider 

2:00 Blood in the sewage?  

3:00 The fish - I need a three eyed fish

4:00 Stabbing fish like Aquaman

5:00 Which one of these boys are you talking to? 

6:00 Stirring she up - The Rancid Bitch

7:00 It was a weird interchange - Your Bro’s here

8:00 Kid being more of a softy

9:00 Sister bed swap

10:00 Why would you do that in real life - zombie kiss

11:00 Stiff girlfriend - Like a monkey fucking a football

12:00 Talking about fluids in sex ed

13:00 Rubbing yourself against horse shit

14:00 Rotton 5 day funk - smelly guy BJ

15:00 Eventually youth smell becomes old person smell

16:00 Fiona sex toy store smell and cigs

17:00 Competitive  - embarrassment 

18:00 Jeep see’s The Kid hit the turf

19:00 Lets pretend I’m really having fun

Go Deep.