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Dec 27, 2021

Post ruck action with Kid an L.B. where we try to make some turkey calls and in this one we discuss the non titted female, how much they may or may pretend they don’t love the pussy and battle the ass vs tittle debate.  Kid tells the tale of how to really fuck up your relationship in a hurry and we do some stripper talk with L.B. We all try to relive the early days of playing with women and trying to push towards age appropriate but it all narrows down to one simple thing. We wrap with some turrets, old ladies hitting on us and where to sit at the bar. Go Deep. 



1:00 Ruckin’ and what you weigh 

2:00 How long has thick thick been

3:00 Phone and Porn virus

4:00 First time to the tittle club with L.B.

5:00 All day all night long - thats where its at

6:00 Give the rundown of the strip club

7:00 New people getting involved

8:00 L.B.’s dads youngest brother

9:00 Serve alcohol so no full naked

10:00 Girl on girl action

11:00 Her next relationship should be with a woman

12:00 That really happened? 

13:00 I should have gotten the fuck out right then

14:00 Every time you’re on the goddamn internet

15:00 That is one that got left out

16:00 Lets not draw lines

17:00 Give her a shout

18:00 Get some installs to appeal to some dudes

19:00 All face tittle combo

20:00 Better have bigger titties than mine

21:00 Selfish and something dark inside

22:00 70 year old lesbo

23:00 This is my mom’s husband

24:00 Don’t let me sidetrack

25:00 Deep down animal self wants visual fine ass bitch

26:00 Attractive brunette in her mid 50s

27:00 Glow plugs hot and all night long

28:00 Sit in front of the mirror

29:00 Eye fucking momma

30:00 Call little darlings

31:00 Calling strip clubs

32:00 Finger get finger blasted wtf

33:00 Hey you don’t say that

34:00 Wrap up 

Go Deep.