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Dec 29, 2021

Kid and Nurse Fiona dive into plastic surgery, self checkouts, looking your age, and the Kid tells the tale of past drunken sexual antics and we learn that Fiona loves the load blast. Listen in. Go Deep. 


1:00 Stubborn mo fo 

2:00 Go and do and say and be - dont’ answer to anyone 

3:00 The old ways. - Auburn IGA

4:00 Looking your age and your ID

5:00 A decade further than your legal drinking age

6:00 Are you okay? You’re too thin. You have abs now

7:00 This tiny little thing - but secret bean flicking

8:00 You did this and you did that - bar pickup

9:00 Tearing each others clothes off

10:00 Women knowing they got their guy off

11:00 She’s in the shower and dick grab

12:00 I feel like I rushed through the store

13:00 Not real life Caesar salad out of the butt 

14:00 Hot to look at but not feel as good

15:00 Never softening up double blast

16:00 Tittle installs every few years

17:00 No installs tummy tuck lift for 11K

18:00 The details of the plastic surgery

19:00 Take your words of advice and fuck em all

Go Deep.