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Dec 31, 2021

The savage destruction of the pussy mixed with some god awful diaper smells in this one. Kid and Fiona recap a terrible terrible situation talk some booty licking, fingering and all that good stuff and we encourage everyone to not go so deep.  Listening and then…. Go a little deep… but not that deep.


1:00 End of the year show - fucked up stories

2:00 Disturbing to wrap up the year 

3:00 You’ve felt these feelings - sayin more when you’re drunk

4:00 You just know its a done deal

5:00 Age is up there

6:00 Sucking on body parts

7:00 Cummy Cum Cums

8:00 Wiping her ass

9:00 Literally - you went too deep

10:00 But Butter

11:00 She didn’t realize it was going on

12:00 If I’m sick to my stomach we gots a problem

13:00 I’ll agree with you on that - Shock value

14:00 Literally - Way to wrap up the 1800’s

15:00 While she’s sucking your dick - That shit will make you take off

16:00 It has nothing to do with being a homophobe

17:00 Ooh that’s where I poop from

18:00 Overcome cramps

19:00 Lunchtime with L.B.

Go Deep.