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Feb 23, 2022

Kid and Fiona tell tales of doing all sorts of shit that we know damn well we shouldn’t be doing. Kid tells us how to properly be a drunken designated driver then diddling some bits and pieces along the way. How to cover your ass, Kid suggests a new show with one of your guests and tells you all how to properly light your veiny cock while banging. We wrap with some DNFS. Listen in. Go Deep.


1:00 That’ll get you fired 

2:00 The asshole doing stuff to feel better 

3:00 I’m driving home - big houses

4:00 Quarter of a mile from my home

5:00 Slide the hand down the pants

6:00 So wasted - vaguely remember

7:00 I don’t think I cum

8:00 The car at the friends house - bust my ass back

9:00 Straight from the cheaters mouth

10:00 Arranged situation

11:00 Tagged em both bot not at the same time

12:00 Get Brony on the show

13:00 Friends that can relate to the story

14:00 A motherfucking unicorn

15:00 Men are many visual - porn watching

16:00 The wet veiny dick light

17:00 Is he listening to every word we’re saying

18:00 An extra 5 minutes for you all

19:00 Intentionally breaking stuff

20:00 A Nurse Fiona sticker

21:00 I’m offended

22:00 Dirty secrets

23:00 Regular GDS outré - DNFS


Go Deep.