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Mar 25, 2022

Kid and Fiona talk domain names that don’t suck, getting a bloody face, Marrying a bald man but then turning back around saying fuck no, watching porno, what size boobies Fiona is going to have installed, and the Kid getting waxed. Listen in. Go Deep.



1:00 Oh yes, Frick yes! - Devious shit

2:00 Photoshop and crop the bitches heads off 

3:00 Eating this chick out - 69, 69, 69 

4:00 Dug a bitch out - 69 diggy diggy 

5:00 Remember the mirror  - loving every minute of it 

6:00 Fiona’s old joke book 

7:00 Oh my god - Indian woman rejects bald guy

8:00 Lesson learned Indian people 

9:00 Bride noticed he didn’t have hair 

10:00 No I wouldn’t want it 

11:00 Every photo when he was young 

12:00 I don’t want to walk with ya if you’re a fucking dick 

13:00 Homework shit 

14:00 Being dickslapped 

15:00 That makes me not want to watch any porn 

16:00 To each their own

17:00 A phone book? We’re not going there 

18:00 Same size boobies?  

19:00 Exwife and some other chick waxed the Kid 


Go Deep.