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Nov 23, 2022

Kid welcomes in JayBird, HIHO, The Forman and the Yankee Clipper into the studio where we have a bunch of packages on our mind, micro packages, massive packages and we compare pretzel rods to dicks and Booze cans to others. Its a carver your crotch out kind of episode and we make believers out of disbelievers.  Time to to really deep if you’re packing the right heat in your drawers.  Listen in. Go Deep.


1:00 We’re figuring it all out fuckers

2:00 I wanna know if you flicked your bean today

3:00 Why did we start this podcast

4:00 How you communicated when you were old 

5:00 Using old technology 

6:00 What did so and so say

7:00  Its always been illegal

8:00  Capturing for baseball

9:00  One in the mouth one in the asshole

10:00 Pretzel rods 

11:00 You didn’t rub clits just right 

12:00 Smaller than this thing here 

13:00 I’m curious 

14:00 Is this Taylor swift 

15:00  He’s so fucking huge

16:00 How tall is he? 

17:00 Jaybird - What’s the Forman think?  

18:00 Is it just a portion or tie it in a knot 

19:00 Would you leave it like that 

20:00 He was two fists

21:00 Lick the tip a little

22:00 This is why he’s quiet

23:00 I would like to participate in dick comp

Go Deep.