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Nov 29, 2022

Kid welcomes in HIHO, Jaybird, Jesus K-rist and the Forman in where we talk about angry Mexicans, dad son combo sexual day dreaming by HIHO and dirty fetishes. We also play a few clips of whores and shit eaters.  Literally. Kid had a ball suction near disaster and we wrap up with oral.  Listen in. Go Deep.


1:00 989-331-0543 - Call and Leave a message

2:00 He says tard alot 

3:00 I could fuck your dad 

4:00 I love that this question is on her penetrated 

5:00 Its Always Sunny - Dennis watching dad with prostitute 

6:00 Talking about fetishes - No wipe rim job

7:00 The nastiest fetishes 

8:00 Seasonal allergies - I don’t need all that 

9:00 Putting hot sauce on a turd 

10:00 She wasn’t even here for the chicken nuggets 

11:00 She’s gotta be drinking cum 

12:00 If I give enough of this do I get that 

13:00 She doesn’t have to ask me to eat her out 

14:00 Armpits, the whole thing. Focus 

15:00 You just want the dick 

16:00 Jerk me off the one time

17:00 Is there a diagram?  

18:00 It hurt so bad - left nut suck 

19:00 What was it about - no pussy licking

Go Deep.