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Nov 30, 2022

Kid and Fiona are pushing for non motivational posters, make fun of social media, sharing way too much, we play some science and marriage talk. Kid tells the tale of a bitch getting butt hurt because the Kid says it like it is and we wrap with making friends and setting Fiona up. Listen in. Go Deep.


1:00 Free Email for you? WTF

2:00 We went from creeped out to sharing everything 

3:00 I found some anti motivational posters 

4:00 Having your bean flick a few times 

5:00 Make fun of it no matter how lame 

6:00 Genetically they’re fucked 

7:00 Science shit 

8:00 The more we know the better we are 

9:00 Just starting to calm down 

10:00 Notorious flashing photos 

11:00 We’re talking about asses  

12:00 She takes offense to it 

13:00 Check this out…. Way too much

14:00 Contractor cash 

15:00 Switching topics - Making friends 

16:00 Besides the dating apps

17:00 Drew Berrymore dating game Fiona dating game 

18:00 The Ghoster 

19:00 Rap guy shit - Linkin Park shit 


Go Deep.