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Dec 5, 2022

Kid and Fiona rail against fashion trends, tell holiday music to shut the fuck up already and discuss how to actually have real fun. We play clips of a kid who knows the secret to life, how to be with one person and not want to kill yourself and then play a clip of what relationships are like in the modern age. Kid talks about his selfish ways and just doing what he wants.  Its important.  Listen in, Go Deep.


1:00 Holiday music

2:00 Mom Jeans can suck it 

3:00 Cover your ass 

4:00 Gremlin or Gargoyles 

5:00 Is this your real kid?

6:00 Happy Penis 

7:00 Single guys need to know 

8:00 I realize that you realize 

9:00 What is the point of this shit 

10:00 Relationship woes 

11:00 Becoming a problem 

12:00 Why would you want to do that 

13:00 Perfect for me 

14:00 Evidence of what I’m saying 

15:00 Its consuming you 

16:00 Making art

17:00 Friends that are guys 

18:00 She didn’t want to go 

19:00 I answer to me. I’m first 

Go Deep.