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Dec 6, 2022

Kid and Fiona discuss cum dumpstering, stinking pussy, throbbing dick after getting downloads and we have a special Karaoke guest named Brown Eye who plays some of his tender favorites telling us all his state of mind. We wrap up with suicide talk and soundtracks to life. Listen in and try not to drowned yourself to death. Go Deep.


1:00 Right in the cooter

2:00 Some ladies I want in my mouth 

3:00 Make sure that shit is clean 

4:00 My head is kinda on her ass 

5:00 Fingers in the face 

6:00 This factory is shut down 

7:00 Can you email me your report

8:00 Who says you’re gonna last forever 

9:00 The age we’re at 

10:00 Weird shit dripping from the vagine 

11:00 Brown Eye - Karaoke 

12:00 I’m all out of love 

13:00 I’m so lost without you

14:00 Straight up depicted everything 

15:00 Rosette song 

16:00 If you want to be happy

17:00 Are you fucking serious right now 

18:00 I was so fucking mad 

19:00 Because its so depressing 

20:00 When do you want to go

21:00 Drowned yourself

22:00 I know - Final Words

23:00 Throwing yourself into traffic


Go Deep.