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Oct 19, 2006

JMac is in the commander's seat for this edition of the Goin' Deep Show and Mr. Kleen also brings his noise. We bring you stories of cum cubes, Dudes blowing dogs, we talk about the Detroit Tigers in the series, and getting back at your woman with dingleberry brownies. Go Deep Mutha F'ers.

00:26 Intro

00:40 Sticking it in your mom

02:23 Gross Cum Story

03:35 Kim Catrell jiz taste

05:00 Blowing a Dog

06:57 Blowing a Horse

07:12 Veronica

07:20 Consumption Junction egg incident

08:27 No Slime eggs at the Texan

09:00 Hot waitress at the Texan

09:33 Detroit Tigers Gear and the Kid

11:10 Cash and women ticket battle

14:00 Getting her back

14:13 The Dingleberry trick

14:49 Old Man baseball player Julio Franco

15:40 Kleen's delivering a car 16:03 Runnin' drugs

16:18 Kleen's runnin' guns with Uncle Tightlips

16:54 JMac thought about being a mule

17:30 The Black dude and O&A

18:40 Kleen's nut ripped off for 1.65 bill

19:00 You know how I I know your gay

19:40 Funbags

20:00 The new party

22:30 Tonguejack a puking stripbox

22:50 Boob milk squirt

23:00 bash the wall

24:05 Kleen's Blowjob

24:30 improving a blowjob

25:15 Hard time getting off.... cause you yank your junk

25:40 like chompin' on a sucker

26:10 Dentist visits

27:28 Poppin' pure wood to Stern On Demand

28:00 The Tape in the crotch

29:00 Kleen's buyin' sex toys

30:18 Super stretch Vagina gift

34:15 Go nuts Christians