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Jan 10, 2012

Kid welcomes in the loveliness of Hat Trick, Mr. Yukon and Ducky to discuss all sorts of dirty topics. Things kick off wrong with the Kid playing way more poo sounds than should be allowed. 

We love when chicks push air from their holes but the Kid is a little timid when letting others smell his lovely scent

Other topics include fake Mexicans, how Hat Trick plans to fuck and suck all nationalities, the time that Red saw a naked pile of Hat Trick and Rico and of course how hung the various members of the show are. 

We hit on how great of a mother Hat Trick has becaome becasue she sucks good dick, how many cocks have been in her mouth and how awesome it is when you aren't even into sucking or fucking. 

Hat Trick talks briefly about her and Hockey Tag Team partner Kayla doing Hockey teams and the epic battle between Yukon and the 41 year old cougar who likes to get hit in the face with a book while he's fucking her. 

We round out the show with Squirt tak, eating chicks out and The Kid raves about his new favorite porn star Bibi Jones. 

Minute by Minute Shownotes Below

1:00 Introductions - Nice buzz

3:00 I like poopy sounds - just not smells

5:00 I've never done a mexican - I want all the nationalities

7:00 Red see's Rico Suave's cock

9:00 How Ducky met Hat Trick

10:45 The Softer side of Hat Trick

11:30 She's a good mom because she probably sucks a good dick

13:00 Ducky, how good is Hat Trick at Blowing

13:30 How many cocks have been in your mouth

14:30 Why is this dudes dick in my mouth

15:00 How to have boring yet violent sex… then steal from the bitch

15:40 You had me at pull off the condom and slap it on the TV

16:00 I don't wanna think about the times I regret

16:30 Hat Trick and Kayla do a team

17:20 Which Oakland A did you fuck

17:55 Bibi Jones

18:18 Kayla, the blonde hockey whore

19:00 I remember piercing her nipples - I love whores

19:25 Send us tit pics on @gds twitter - Listener Line pussies

21:00 The Crazy Cougar

22:00 Hit that bitch in the face… with a book…. and say thank you

22:20 Cut me

23:00 More Cougar info - She see's dick, she's gonna fuck it.

24:00 how do you get to cutting - Then Squirting

25:00 Squirt until you need your carpet cleaned

26:00 Don't soil my sheets

27:00 The Longest you've eaten a chick out.

28:00 I need to know the pussy eating secret