Kid welcomes Mr. Crowley, Meadow, Arabella, and the Rookie to discuss the recap of the Dita Von Teese Show where we were treated like kings and queens at The Speak EZ lounge in Grand Rapids, MI. Meadow gets wet when she saw a ripped lady back. We give the rundown on how to piss off your wife completely and it involves inviting 23-year-old brunettes to the strip show. Female relationship are complicated but they usually involve two faced bitches.  We start tossing around the word cunt at some point and enjoy it all and if you don't like it you can go fuck yourself. Arabella gives us the run down on getting off using her vibrator and not a guys cock. We talk about putting up a sign where Meadow gives us her number for how many times she masturbates. Meadow gives us a story of hazing involving a guy getting folded in half to suck his own cock. Did we mention she fucked that guy? We give Arabella the rundown on Bendy-McFlexi-straw. Meadow has shrooms, we watch some porn and it has to be one of the most beautiful asses in on the planet. We finally see something that we've never seen before. email studio@goindeepshow.com to complain or to ask for the link to the amazing porn that we were watching.  To call in and bitch about something call 989-331-0543 - Go Deep

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Kid welcomes back The Rookie, Arabella and Mr. Crowley where we discuss the most amazing porn clip that we've ever witnessed. We believe we've found a chick who could lick her own asshole. We revisit Mr. Crowley and his pierced dong, figure out what words Arabella hates and try to remember all the names for boobies. 

Kid brings up the nipple exposure situation with girls these days and how they all just want to whip them titties out. We find out that Arabella doesn't get off from having sex and we find that just sad. Guys accepting a challenging pussy seems to be not okay with dudes and Arabella tells us how she lets the boys know she's not gonna cum. 

We wrap up with how long we've held out and the difference between men and women masturbation tendencies. Go Deep

Direct download: goindeepshow-1386.mp3
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Kid welcomes Mr. Crowley, The Rookie and Arabella to the show where we bring you mad capped idiocy and topics that include the real and true fact that the Goin’ Deep Show environment encourages women to dress slutty as hell. The crew gets completely distracted by the live Twitter feed on the big screen which includes images of balls, blowjobs and other random things. Kid explains the creepsearch.com domain that he has and tries to figure out what the fuck to do with it. The story of how Red walked into a house where someones parents where awkwardly caught doing something then calls to make sure The Kid gets to feel awkward too. We go through the getting caught stories then hit on the public sex acts of parents.

We bring up the mexican with the 18 inch dong and get in a dispute over whether or not its real. The usual what's on tap and other nonsense as usual with the show. 

Go Deep - Listen in and if you have some shit to say about anything we yammer on about please feel free to contact us at 989-331-0543 thats 989-331-0KID

We promise to only make fun of your dumbass for a few minutes. Go Deep. 

Direct download: goindeepshow-1385.mp3
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Kid and Red Eye in studio talking about the following topics. // New voice transformers // how to watch the show // Hottie of the Week // Rachel Mortenson // Snapchat // Live video // Fuck Facebook // Donald Trump saying anything // Suicidal ex girlfriends // first time handjobs // old show notes // why Red Eye will never settle down // Expectations // Russian Mail Order Brides // Grabbing pussies // previewing the start of the party season. 

Go Deep - Call in at 989-331-0543 - email: studio@goindeepshow.com

Direct download: goindeepshow-1384.mp3
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Kid welcomes in Hat Trick, Golden Tongue and we call Meadow on the road for chatter about oral sex, how to properly train the tongue and listen in folks it includes getting picked up by 25 year old lesbians who want to train you how to lick their snatch.  See its fuckin' simple. Go Deep. Call in to piss and moan like a little bitch at 989-331-0543 or send in an email to the show to studio@goindeepshow.com

Direct download: goindeepshow-1383.mp3
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Silverback and Hat Trick join the Kid on this episode of the program. Kid expresses his admiration towards The Silverback and we knock off what is in each of our guest's lists inside the Kid's phone. We ask about some former guests, and discuss how much being a mother has changed her. We've decided to hate on any motherfuckin' kids who bully any of our children. Hat Trick anticipates her children pissing each other off as they get older in a unique way. She also mentions that all you have to do is mention some Star Trek to get into her pants. Kid relives the past where he gets a call from Red and has a mid-show session then comes back down to finish the show. Late in this one Golden Tongue visits and we get to know the man who Hat Trick calls the best oral she's ever had. Listen in. Go Deep. 989-331-0543 to call and complain. Email: studio@goindeepshow.com

Direct download: goindeepshow-1382.mp3
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Kid welcomes back The Silverback and her majesty The Hat Trick. Kid picks a bone with Hat Trick about her blocking her former boyfriend from the Goin' Deep Show Facebook. We spend a few moments revisiting the queefer episode and even play a quick clip of one of our favorite moments. Kid gives a very depressing reason to record. Kid puts her on the spot about the last time she was in and brought a brother with her who smoked pot and blacked out. We're asking for someone to come measure the guys of the show for cock sock creations. We hit our normal segment of reviewing porn which pretty much consumes the majority of the show. Go Deep. Complain or call in and tell someone to go to hell at 989-331-0543 - Email: studio@goindeepshow.com

Direct download: goindeepshow-1381.mp3
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Kid, Mr. Crowley, White Wolf and the one and only Meadow dive right into sex toy, how guys get gobbled up by her pussy and they just can't stay away from her snatch. We discuss Meadows lineup of guys who are on her ass and how she attempts to get them to run away. - Go Deep 989-331-0543

Direct download: goindeepshow-1380.mp3
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In this episode the Kid welcomes in Mr. Crowley, The White Wolf and Meadow where she tells the world that she wants to suck off Derek Jeter no matter how bad the herpes on his cock are. She tells us when she got wet at Yankee Stadium and getting to meet Derek Jeter. Red bum rushes the show and starts giving the Kid shit. Meadow makes sure to emphasize that she'd lick Derek Jeters butthole and just doesnt' even give a shit. We discuss some squirting and how to play carnival games with the spray. We go over some age range situations and give so much info that its just fucking wrong. Listen in for more goddamn it. Go Deep and to piss and moan and be a little bitch call in at 989-331-0543

Direct download: goindeepshow-1379.mp3
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Kid, Mr. Crowley and White Wolf call a birthday girl and ask if she has any bean flicking in her future. Kid relives a story of his youth and how he got some action at a pretty early age. The story of him in a tent with chicks and way more information than should probably be discussed. Old war stories come flying in and we agree everything that happens to us in life has lead us to the people we are. We talk about how slutty the neighborhood is and Holy shit it gets Deep. Call in for comments. 989-331-0543 

Direct download: goindeepshow-1378.mp3
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In this episode of the Goin’ Deep Show, we welcome back Mr. Crowley and The White Wolf. It's an all dude show where we get very inquisitive about a local creative who seems to land a bunch of ass and how the hell he manages to do it. We give a little heads up on the pee in the face phenomenon that seems to be happening lately. Kid gets into the worry that happens when your significant other comes up with new moves to do in the sack and we wrap up talking about choking and how it's important to realize you can just finish her off if you felt like it.

How to die // fingers in your lady // how much the vajayjay opens //

CALL IN - 989-331-0543

Direct download: goindeepshow-1377.mp3
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In This episode of the Goin' Deep Show, we get to know show newcomer Kitty Kat and she gives us the rundown on a very special spring break full of drugs, sex and getting knocked up. The kid does his best to try to get the ladies to make out with each other but there was so much talking that we forgot what the fuck we were talking about. There is lots of spring break and naked talk in this one. Kid bloats his ego by patting himself on the back for creating an environment that encourages girls to show off their body and do terrible things. Meadow loses control at some point and just starts throwing around random pictures of cock on their phone. She also gives us the lowdown on throwing up on a cock from the smell of it. 

OTHER TOPICS INCLUDE: Load flavor // Live blowjobs // huge vs not so huge cock // sweaty dick sucking // backrubs // wet pussy // oral // barfy cock // funky cock // Pussy juice off a cock // clit and pussy pounding // 

IN STUDIO: Kid, El Presidente, Meadow, Kitty Kat 


Direct download: GoinDeepShow-1376.mp3
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Kid, GDub, El Presidente, Meadow and Kitty Kat are in studio where we're eating, drinking and getting buzzed like a motherfucker. We get the low down on how special each of these girls is to the other and I think it involves showers with random dudes together. Someone is creepsearching on instagram and someone has the hankering to see Meadow Naked. We discuss the Asians that Meadow works for and how inappropriately to ask questions about the biggest cock she's taken. 

Threesome // Nakedness // Obscure sexual terms // Duck Lips // Huge cocks // Asian bosses // 

Call in at 989-331-0543 - email: studio@goindeepshow.com - www.8hol.com  


Direct download: GoinDeepShow-1375.mp3
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Kid, GDub and El Presidente welcome back Meadow and new comer Kitty Kat to the show. Meadow fills us in on some more of the spring break squirting story where Meadow got knocked up. Kid gives us a porn review and gives us the masturbation techniques for 2017. Kid reveals some dick in the ass porn he saw where two dudes are plowing the same butthole. Meadow talks about bloody buttholes, non licked and kapow! right in the asshole. We talk fuck buddies, filming and all sorts of amazing nonsense. Go Deep. To piss and moan and complain call in at 989-331-0543 or email studio@goindeepshow.com

Direct download: GoinDeepShow-1374.mp3
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Kid and Red Eye bust our some more Goin' Deep Show for your ass. In this episode we discuss Red Eye somehow getting all sorts of gorgeous ladies to his crib to get into the hot tub or to get naked and into the tanning bed. Red Eye claims to be all cool about chicks in his hot tub but him not getting in. Did we mention these chicks have fake titties. We do some porn discussion and Red Eye makes an awesome call to one of the Hot Tub Twins because he thinks she's with someone else. Go Deep. 

Direct download: GoinDeepShow-1373.mp3
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Kid and Red Eye are in studio where they discuss what antics Red Eye has been up to and who he's trying to slide his wang into. Kid tries to ask Red Eye how pissed the woman he's trying to slip it into would get if he touched another chick. Kid tries to get the low down on Sable's denial of banging Red Eye. Kid throws props to the awesome work done to create a beautiful metal Goin' Deep Show logo. Go Deep. 

Direct download: GoinDeepShow-1372.mp3
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Arebella week continues and the Kid is drunk and gets all fucking serious about equality and how fucking lame it is. Arebella gives us the rundown on how she wing chicks for guys. We remember the old times when holding hands was something that was actually important. El Presidente tells us he took a chicks virginity nine times. Ball shaving and what grandma probably masturbated to back in the day. Go Deep. 

Direct download: GoinDeepShow-1371.mp3
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Kid continues to chat with in studio guest Rookie, El Presidente and phone guest Arebella. We ask her if she's ever tasted her own snatch and of course she said she has. Kid brings up the 70s taboo porn and step family porn. We wonder if there is such a thing called fake incest porn and Arebella gives us the low down on micro vs gigantor dong. I think at some point we start to sling the light sabers around and suggest one goes in the asshole. Go Deep. 989-331-0543

Direct download: GoinDeepShow-1370.mp3
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Kid continues Arebella week with this episode where we discuss Kids and how it changes you. Kid tries to back pedal out of his usual outrage against the ladies and tells them that they're all stronger than any dude could possibly be. We dive into the topic of whether or not a woman with a kid is hotter or not as hot or if they are just as fucking freaky in the sac. We make fun of assholes who get pissy about shit on Twitter and tell them to shut the hell up. We come to the conclusion that someone is masturbating to you right this very second. Go Deep. Call in at 989-331-0543 or email at studio@goindeepshow.com

Direct download: GoinDeepShow-1369.mp3
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Kid, Rookie and El Presidente welcome back Arebella for the third of six featuring the new girl. In this episode we discuss drugs, peeing in mouths, monogamy, videos of people taking a wiz and other things you've never thought of but you can't forget now that you've heard it. I think we've made a love connection involving Rookie and Meadow and it all revolves around the peeing. Arebella discusses her head giving antics and if you don't have a micropenis there's a solid chance someones dick will be in her mouth. Kid asks all sorts of load blastings and how you get someone to stay with you for 11 years.  The secret is you need to have a huge dick. Go Figure.  Go Deep. Call in complain at 989-331-0543

Direct download: GoinDeepShow-1368.mp3
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Episode two of the Arebella shows. In this episode we discuss squirting, moonshine and get our on phone guest to give us all the dirty detials of relationships, sex and getting drunk. Did we mention we talk about The Porn including threesomes, double teamin' and doing the fluff work for your buddies. Go Deep. 

Direct download: GoinDeepShow-1367.mp3
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Kid and the Rookie give a shout to some new chick and we discuss so Goddamn much that I have no idea where to even start.  This is the first in a series of episodes featuring a long conversation with newcomer Arebella. We try to reinvent the word Horny into something that actually sounds fucking good. We wonder about Nymphomaniacs, old ladies vs young dudes and relationship lengths. El Pres joins us partial of the way through and he’s got his amazing brand of  moonshine.

Other topics discussed are // pube length // what chicks wear out to the bar // masturbation // spank bank //

Part 1 of ALOT



Direct download: GoinDeepShow-1366-jan.17.2017.mp3
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In this ridiculous episode of the Goin’ Deep Show, the Kid discusses loads to the face, fake titties, finding out they existed and Red Eye gives us his rendition of high school swim class. 

The ladies in studio reveal their troublesome moments of finding out when they got their boobies and what the Hot Tub twins like in the sack and wear in the Hot Tub.

The girls reveal that they’ve had guys ask them if they want some threesome action and have even had dudes try to sell them on their friends dick. 

The end of the show we get Sable to ask something about dirty Sage and we wonder is there any way to address the cum to mouth stylings for the ladies when going down.

We discuss Hot Tub attire, Red Eyes bachelor pad and playing footsy with the Hot Tub twins. Go Deeper and call 989-331-0543 and leave a listener line call.

IN STUDIO: Kid // Red Eye // The Hot Tub Twins, Sable & Sage // Mamasita

OTHER TOPICS INCLUDE: Saving money for boobs // fake tits // Loads to the face // group sex // selfishness // not having anal // bikinis // resolutions


Direct download: GoinDeepShow1365-Dec.30.2016.mp3
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Kid welcomes in Red Eye and he has a whole gaggle of ladies with him. For the first time in Goin’ Deep Show History, it's some mommy daughter action and mommy wants Red Eye to father some babies. We get to know the Hot Tub Twins, Sage, and Sable and at some point, we figure out that Sage doesn’t like anything when it comes to sex. This could be an issue when Red Eye has to fuck a child into her body. We discuss toe licking for $30 dollars and almost get the girls to fight by calling one of them out on how she claims to not masturbate. We pick on Sage a bit about her nongross thoughts about sex and how she hates fingers in her pussy. This sex snowball begins and rolls way out of control fast. Red Eye will probably have to deal with it down the road then he knocks her ass up miraculously. The sex toys in the Sage closet are also growing mold according to our in-studio guest and this is all just the start of the fun. Did we mention this is the first mother-daughter in the studio? Go Deep and try not to hate dirty gross sex like sage does. To leave a comment call 989-331-0543 that's 989-331-0KID

Other things discussed in this episode. Dog humping // trying to suck your own dick // Squirting // knowing what an orgasm is // head fisting // porn viewing // not giving blowjobs // fifty shades of grey // not touching yourself // the white stuff // spitting or swallowing // taking it in the face and so much more. Go Deep

Direct download: GoinDeepShow1364-Dec.30.2016.mp3
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Kid, Red Eye, Meadow and the return of Wild Rose talk about sugar daddies, porn stars and how Red Eye changes who he is so he can stick a cock into her. Meadow reveals that she has webbed toes and Red Eye wouldn't put her toes in his mouth. We wrap up with some rough sex talk and some rapid fire. Did we mention Meadow wants to piss in a mouth? Go Deep.

Direct download: GoinDeepShow1363-12.20.16.mp3
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