Kid welcomes Gdub to the show where we begin to discuss the mayhem that is the Halloween party which will be happening. Kid likes the fact that he can hang with his friends no matter how far they live away. We determine that Don Tang has been given intern status once again due to his lack of participation. We chat a bit about pumpkin spice latte and how poverty will keep you from giving a shit about it. 

We attempt to give every parent with a child in college the info about how much your fucking loser kid doesn't want to hang out with you when you come to visit them in college. 

We discuss how old people will make every fucking excuse to not have a good time because their decrepit old body will just not let them handle any more sitting and doing nothing. 

The Kid tells everyone to make time or make excuses. 

Innocence is gone and you better face that shit real fast. 

Dont' be fooled fuckers. If you grew up with the internet you grew up with every fucking amazingly awful thing that exists since day fucking one. 

College campus delusion gives us the story of how much we're all invested in the bullshit of politics and the issues that we don't even give a shit about the huge dildos that are being presented at a protest. 

I think we talk about guns. I think we talk about rape. I think we talk about some other bullshit that some fucking pussy will be all pissed about.  If you dont' like it go away and shut the hell up. 

Go Deep... and stay on bottom. 


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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Kid welcomes in Dego Unchained and he dragged in a curvy lady named Mystic where we discuss how often women check out guys packages compared to men checking out everything on women.

We do the grower vs shower comparison and Mystic talks briefly about flicking around a micropenis.

Kid asks all sorts of ridiculous and stupid questions such as how light a micropenis cum load is and if the individual had a deep voice or a little mousy voice.

Dego claims to masturbate to himself looking in the mirror and the Kid puts our guest on the spot asking if they’ve ever fantasized about each other and played with themselves.

We discuss the spank bank, dick pics, sex toys and how huge a chicks gash could possibly be.

Mystic also gives us the details about her Dr. giving compliments to her vagina mid exam and how she manages to attract the married guys.

Kid does his usual line of questioning Mystic about her boobies including how big those mombo jombos are and how sizable the nips are.

Dego gives us the rundown on his friends with benefits

Listen in Go Deep and stay tuned for lots more Goin’ Deep Show to come.

Call and Leave a Listener Comment at 989-331-0543 That’s 989-331-0KID

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Friday, May 6, 2016

Time to release some shit for a change. The Goin’ Deep Show is kicking out some shows from the past summer that we’ve been sitting on for a while. Stay tuned for the next month as we begin to ramp up more shows blasting you in the face. 

In this episode Kid welcomes Dego Unchained and El Presidante where we bring up topics such as how fucking stupid the presidential race is, How much the kid hates seeing hispanic names plastered on the back of SUV’s, and the story of the nine hour threesome involving some teachers and a student.

We continue the new tradition of Dego’s drunken beer fest as he brings in a new flavor to the show each episode. This week its The Wild Blue Blueberry infused beer. 

We do a 80s fest recap where we chat about multiple women on a party bus and Dego gives us the run down on how to maintain his pace of banging friends with benefits. We also discuss the rare unicorn of finding a lesbo who likes the dick from time to time.

Listen in Go Deep and stay tuned for lots more Goin’ Deep Show to come.

Call and Leave a Listener Comment at 989-331-0543 That’s 989-331-0KID

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Kid and Dago Unchained discuss how fucking wasted he was a few weeks ago, women smells and we once again bring up our favorite weather girl then somehow discuss fake tits for way too long. Dago shows pictures of 50 year olds who are still held together pretty well and The Kid just can't believe it. Dago gets concerned about a pissing match that will break out on a bus to 80s fest. Go Deep

Direct download: GoinDeepShow1346.mp3
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Kid and Dago Unchained sit in on this episode of the Goin' Deep Show where we discuss how to easily figure out what a chick wants, a new obscure sexual term, our favorite weather hottie, mom jeans and Kid gives everyone the lowdown on Dago Unchained and his antics being a single guy so far in 2016. Dago discusses his friends with benefits fiasco with the X, the 80s festival, and he brings the Kid in a beer that tastes like fruity pebbles. Prince is dead and there won't be any minorities at the 80s fest. Go Deep. 

Direct download: GoinDeepShow1345.mp3
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The Kid welcomes in the usual bunch of misfits but this time its show two with the one and only Danjer Kat where we discuss a recent booty call, masturbation frequencies and thumbs in the asshole. I think we get into some stabbing discussion and some jail time. We discuss Red Eye and his antics of being so anxious to tell everyone who his dick has been in. Kid tries to make a love connection with Spider Monkey and Danjer Kat which includes butt spanking and tattoos. Listen in Go Deep. 

Direct download: GoinDeepShow-1344.mp3
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Its the start of the Spring Season of Goin' Deep and we have a packed house and we're finally getting in the Danjer Kat. We've anticipated her arrival for a long time. We come to the conclusion that she needs a Youtube channel and we can never leave any communication up to Red Eye because he fails miserably. We discuss dick picks, fake chow and how to do those things properly. We kick some news items of women being raped then cooking the dick of the guy who raped her then made her eat his own fucking dick. We give Red Eye a call and tell him to go fuck himself. Then we of course get into some lesbo action. Listen in Go Deep. 

Direct download: GoinDeepShow-1343.mp3
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Kid welcomes in Dago Unchained, JMac and Gdub where we wrap up the Winter season with a St. Patrick's day show. Spidermonkey shows us her panties and she's in all sorts of green St. Patty's day attire. We talk aborted babies and virtual reality porno. Go Deep

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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Kid, Gdub and Dago Unchained are in for the ride on this episode of the Goin’ Deep Show. Topics include how to reset your tablet so all the nasty porn is zapped away. We ask the question who’s creepier the guy searching for nasty shit or the place making a searchable directory of nasty shit. Google decides to play cops and robbers and we realize that Google knows way more than anyone can possibly imagine.  We do a porn review where three lesbo girls shoot paint up their asses and spray paint all over a canvas. Kid gets nasty towards asian women and we narrow in on the actual number of how many times Wally has blasted off to Spydermonkey. We wrap up with a story about a riot where a women shoots vodka shots out of her ass mixed with a little extra nasty goodness. Go Deep.

Direct download: GoinDeepShow1341.mp3
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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Kid, Don Tang, Silverback discuss how shitty the new Ghostbusters movie is going to be.

We do some porn review and this one includes a Katy Perry and elmo / elmer porn. We try to discuss a time when we pulled of the creepiest thing that we’ve ever done. We do some panty sniffing discussion and how to not get lingerie delivered to your house.

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Monday, March 14, 2016

Kid, Don Tang and Silverback discuss social media and how much of a fucking freak you are if you’re not on it. We scope some honest Tinder accounts, ask Don Tang about his tit count on vacation in Florida and the super duper gay fest that was happening at the same time. Nude beaches, old man dong and Celebrity porn star look a likes. We give you a ton of names to look up so you can have some time with yourself. We wrap with a father daughter love child. Yep thats a real thing. Go Deep.

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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Joining the Kid in studio for this episode are Red Eye, Dago Unchained and Clover. She makes her return after a four to five year break. We discuss some fitness, booties and other crap. I think at some point we talk about butt sex. Its the usual… as usual. Go Deep.

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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Kid, JMac and Sleeze discuss how lame the new ghostbusters trailer looks, his kid freaks his shit out and we do some domain name searches and find that some are available that you'd never expect. We do the usual discussions of beer and I think some titty talk which includes the size of the melons on some of the cast of the new fuller house. Go Deep. 

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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Kid and Dago Unchained discuss the Spring season of skin and how its been way too long since we’ve even seen a chick in shorts. A deja vu trip with a lap dance bought by a chick and foreign hookers that cost $25 bucks. We try to come up with the greatest sex combo of all time and we blab on about how nuts women are. Go Deep.

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Monday, March 7, 2016

Kid and Dago Unchained discuss how to Bill Cosby a chick properly, non Michigan beers and the Kid tries some crazy soda beer thing. Dago gives us the rundown of getting caught while banging and the Kid talks about blowing loads way too fast as a teenager. The usual ho hum bullshit. Go Deep.

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Thursday, March 3, 2016

Kid welcomes Red Eye and Dago Unchained where we recap their sexcapades in East Lansing. Threeway kissing with horny chicks who just want some tongue, Kid shows the most nasty snapchat every made and it includes cutting people, nipples and fat asses.  We do our usual Hottie of the week, talk some retarded politics and how its fucking retarded. We make fun of Red Eye on a billiards table and being weird. We start our St. Patricks Day festivities and discuss sleeveless Saturday before the Parade. Go Deep. Fuckers.

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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Kid and Gdub discuss a bunch of shit including gangster rap, priests going on benders, Insane Clown Posse, GDub lets a hooker use his phone and Kid outlines his plans to make Easter and even more spectacular event. We discuss Erin Andrews and her crying and hot naked body and wrap up discussing fat chicks on the cover of magazines. Go Deep. 

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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Kid, GDub, Spyder Monkey and JMac are on mic discussing old bars, dinner with the fam, how fat Gdub is and how the Kid gets away asking a girl how much she weights. Kid rips on Facebook and all the new bullshit they've added to the stupid social network. JMac and Kid try to talk some baseball and avoid retarded football crap talk. We discuss boobies and they're amazing amusement park ride. Go Deep. 

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Monday, February 29 2016

The Kid, Gdub, JMac and Spyder Monkey are all on mic in this one. Spyder Monkey shows off her amazing midsection We discuss tranny dick holes, and Spyder Monkey gives us the play by play on this women at the gym with huge tits. The Kid discusses the latest in social media accounts and how graphic they are.  We discuss joint bathrooms, some local bar upgrades, and chicks getting eaten out at Dead Kennedy’s concerts. Listen in and Go Deep.

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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Kid, Gdub, Wally and Don Tang in studio discuss the asshole who shot at a cop and has halted life for four square blocks in Bay City. We briefly touch on the point of Red Eye and his assault charges, We rip on bullshit news and love the comments section on stupid stories online. We wrap up with some hate fuck discussion and tell you how its done correctly. Go Deep

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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Kid, Gdub, Wally and Don Tang discuss the recent headlines of a cop shooting in Bay City. We toss around a bunch of racist terms to piss off all the assholes who can’t handle using certain words. Wally suggests using a bazooka to blast that son of a bitch out of his house. We wonder how big the fucking boners of the cops where when there was that chance to bust out the tanks and armored vehicles and have a chance to shoot a stupid motherfucker.

Kid asks Wally who he is in support of for the election and the Kid calls out a show regular on ways to stay skinny. We discuss having an event where people puke into the toilet bowl in Downtown Bay City and launching it in a spray type fashion to get more coverage.

We discuss some show favorites including the lovely Brandi Love and how she went to Central Michigan University. We encourage everyone to go and watch the Triumph the Insult Comic Dog Election special on Hulu and wrap up with the Kid and his take on making promises. Go Deep.

Direct download: GoinDeepShow1329.mp3
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Kid and Don Tang discuss getting a liquor cabinet, then call Red Eye on the phone where he’s out drinking and driving because there’s a police situation happening a few blocks away. We come to the conclusion that it’s a goddamn sausage fest wherever Red Eye goes. We discuss the active shooter situation that happened in Bay City. We discuss the horrible human being known as Trillary. A combination Hillary Clinton Donald Trump photo morphed into one image. Kid tries to understand Kanye West and Don Tang wraps up the show discussing his trip to Eastern Michigan to see Bernie Sanders. We get a little pissed at the social networks for fucking with one of our favorite show. Go Deep.

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Monday, February 22, 2016

In this episode of Goin’ Deep The Kid and Don Tang show you what happens when we get stood up and don’t show up to record a show. It involves children being used as excuses, planning too much and we get this individual on the phones to play a little game called Yes or No. We discuss some butt play, getting a happy ending massages and failing to please the two most important people in the world. We ask about squirting loads from private parts, ass to mouth and trying to stick a finger in the butt while walking up stairs. We wrap up discussing porn and what our guests preferences are when flicking the bean.

Direct download: GoinDeepShow1327b.mp3
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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Kid and Kleen in on this episode of the Goin' Deep Show where we discuss cameltoe, workout pants, and the boys try to concentrate during the first ever twenty-minute porn clip playing during the yapping. We discuss racial sex, pink pussies and how to get your step mother to suck you off. Kleen gives us his smart phone sex review and he claims to have a chick ready to do some lesbo threesome action. Go Deep.

Direct download: GoinDeepShow-1326a.mp3
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Kid and JMac are kickin' it in this episode of the Goin' Deep Show.  The Kid is fucking angry about not having his usual MLB network channel because he said fuck you to Charter cable after the World Series in 2015. We discuss the sport of beating off and considering it a workout. We once again push our Hottie of the Week Nora Segura and the Kid yammers on about BetterFap.com again. We recap the statistical analysis that pornhub.com pumped out after the SuperBowl. The Kid also plucks another portion of innocence from the youth of America and talks tech about Apple music. We call out Pizza Hut and Taco Bell for fucking with our food and telling them to just chill the fuck out. We push the Amazon.com and the Kid rants about pushing carts around the grocery store. Go Deep.

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