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Apr 3, 2012

Kid and JMac discuss when two dudes sit way to close to each other, which superstar they'd like to see a sex tape of and get innovative on your ass with suggestions of creating the ultimate in inflatable sex pillows. 

JMac makes sure to warn the kiddies not to mix up your sex drugs and your muscle relaxers and we recap the Wally handjob incident from the Silver Palace. 

All that along with crazy pissed off drunks at the bar, Detroit Redheads who are offended when you take pictures of their ass and drunk big titted chick pimping out her friend for a phone number. 

Go Deep.

1:08 The Kid Recovering from bar activities

1:20 Girls bring us drugs

2:15 JMac is lactating

2:30 Herbs

3:00 The Kid goes crazy

3:30 Gotta love when girls love us

4:00 Our night out - 100 ounces of beer

5:00 The Tap Room Homeless guy

5:25 Manlove

6:20 The guy rubbing his shit on girls asses

7:00 GDS Headquarters

7:30 Wally's Waitress incident

9:00 We made a lasting impression

10:00 Bartender who'll be on

11:00 Pissed off asshole at the bar

12:20 Detroit Red Heads

13:00 He was taking my picture

15:00 JMac's Cock is a crack pipe

16:40 The Crazy X

17:40 Wally's new nickname is hand job guy

18:00 Hogan Sex Tape

18:50 Clooney's gotta have technique

19:00 The inflatable liberator

22:20 The Sitcom Bar

23:50 Drunk chick pimping friend

25:30 Were there people out?

26:00 Drunk Irish People

27:45 The same old same old