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Apr 19, 2019

Kid welcomes in the lovely ladies in this episode and it includes Endo and Wild Rose. Discuss the game between the guys and the girls.  We make it aware to the world that Wild Rose is not putting up with your shit and neither is Endo. Wild Rose tells all boys to just stop shitting on women who don’t respond to...

Feb 25, 2019

Episode 1449 of The Goin' Deep Show includes Halloween party pic search but all we seem to find is more of our moonshine. This, of course, makes it way harder to find anything. 

Kid gets concerned that his browser knows what he wants even when he doesn’t even know.

We review the After Porn series on Netflix...

Feb 21, 2019

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In this weeks clip of classic Goin' Deep Show the Mayor JMac and Wally do some day drinking after an afternoon of stuffing their faces at Pizza Hut.  The pizza wins in this one as Wally reveals to the world that JMac is a pussy puker and yacked it up after mixing shots. Did we mention...

Nov 25, 2018


Kid and GDub get in studio to talk turkey day where we play a listener line call from Wally warning america of guns and pussy grabbing.  We have a new intro song, talk a brief tech at the start but kick into graphic violence, drugs and Jesus vs Satan.  The Kid rips ass, then rips on Jesus and anyone scared by cartoons.

Nov 21, 2018

Kid welcomes in the usual cast of misfit toys to the mix where we discuss the endless asswipe, Wally and the hot waitress that ended up on his porch and how he nearly assaulted a foreigner who was vacuuming the floor.

The Kid asks why does Donald Trump have to hide the fact that he banged pornstars yet freely tells...