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Apr 29, 2008

Kid and Chesticles do the humpty dance and make fun of Dads doing their daughters for 24 years. We rip on a celebrity who thinks she can sing and more bullshit about Miley Cyrus. She kinda sucks. Can't wait till she crashes and burns. Go Deep. 

Apr 26, 2008

Kid and MAP bring you a Saturday Morning edition of the Goin' Deep Show. Episode 470. We talk some Harty Potter pubes, hatred of McDonalds and how much of an asshole the Kid is. Go Deep. 

Apr 23, 2008

We call out the Evil Pope and his crazy red slippers. Chesty and the Kid also play some clips, make fun of bimbos, Flavor Flav and all the whores from Rock of Love II. We also love when chicks pound the hell out of each other. Go Deep.

Apr 22, 2008

Kid and Chesticles bring you the most evil power out there today. Oprah fuckin' Winfrey. We tap on that for a minute but we quickly make up for it with Stacey Dash side boob images. I like it. Now I need more wet women. Go Deep.

Apr 21, 2008

Wally tells us a story about some dude who had a diabetic with a really puffed up pussy, We relive one of the Paralyzers old flames and we mention 420 about 10 times. Go Deep.