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Nov 14, 2012

Kid, welcomes into studio Silverback, Tiny Dancer and newcomer Daisy. We kick off the show with boner discussion right off the bat. We talk piercings, who's dropped off the face of the earth, Tiny Dancer describes our newbie and we get the girls to give is their BJ technique and how much eye contact goes into it. The...

Nov 3, 2012

Goin' Deep guest and listener Candy and friend Wendy discuss the size of JMac's manhood after dropping a few lbs. Any commnents on cock size can be submitted by calling to the listener line at 206-202-DEEP (3337)

Nov 2, 2012

Goin' Deep Listener Spoo gets in the Christmas Spirit by telling the focus of the Holiday to spend some time in a nice warm place.  Go Deep and if you wanna tell someone to Go Down give the Listener Line a Call at 206-202-DEEP (3337)

Nov 2, 2012

Kid, Silverback, Smokey, Emmy and Tiny Dancer in on this one. Kid throws every male under the buss and asks the girls in studio if they rage more when on the rag. Record setting race to masturbation discussion. We do some porn talk and how double amputee's get to fuck their house. The girls give their preferences on...

Nov 1, 2012

Kid, Silverback, Smokey, Emmy and Tiny Dancer in on this one. We talk about how many times we've looked at Emmy's Cleavage, How many times Tiny Dancer has checked them out and the best way to turn a chicks arms off while you're banging her. We get more info on why Emmy is staying away from the dick. We try to figure out...