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Jun 29, 2008

Killing 30 minutes of your damn day, this is the Goin' Deep Show Don Tang joins the Kid and he talks about what Angelina Jolie should do to get hot again, and we tell everyone that Megan Fox is the hottest piece of ass goin' Go Deep and you'll see

Jun 27, 2008

Kid and Don Tang bring you this episode of the GDS. We talk about Pee, ripping pants, Mila, Models that can't get scared, People who don't have fun and how a major corporation should be concerned because they are choosing from myspace hotties. Go Deep.

Jun 24, 2008

Kid and Chesticles welcome the newest of the GDS Crew. We do some news, mention George Carlin and talk about Chesticles hand and how she messed it up. We do some Megan Fox chat and rip on some cannibals. Go Deep.

Jun 23, 2008

A crazy mix of pre and post show mixed with a few clips. This show is a slice of many things. Participating in the show are The MAP, GDub, Wally and The Kid. Kid plays a Mr. Shark Attack clip, relives a cat ass and we mention Batman. Go Deep.

Jun 20, 2008

Wally, GDub and the MAP join the Kid in this 30 minute edition of the GDS. We talk death, play some clips, call out a few bitches. The MAP poops during this episode and the Kid finally gets layed after a few months of jerking forever. Go Deep but wetter.