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Jul 29, 2011

THROWBACK EDITION: Kid and Chesty bring you some bullshit dike news, Lohan steals a car and walks around naked at rehab. Goat balls, and why Paris Hilton needs to get bitchslapped.There's more but we got shit to do and my fingers hurt from poking pussies. Go Deep.

Jul 28, 2011

Kid, Mags and Silverback discuss a bunch of men in a pool, why Silverback doesn't go to Midland Street because he's afraid of running into someone he knows. We do some beer pong discussion and how you can kill yourself with it. The Kid calls out a douchebag wearing pink and they try to pitch Mayo sandwiches.  fuck...

Jul 27, 2011

We pull a little flip flop in this edition of the program. This is the pregame of episode 900 when we're patching Hat Trick into the mix. We open the box of porn that the lord protects and we eaves drop on Hat Trick before she realizes her microphone is on. We do some celebrity talk, a pussy picnic and some droopy...

Jul 26, 2011

Kid welcomes Wolf, Legs, Little Wolf, Shithead, Hat Trick and her guy via skype and they give us quite a show. Its a freakin' Doozey. Try not to picture it while you listen. No more show notes, just listen to it.  Its my favorite new episode. 


Jul 25, 2011

A packed house rounds out the 800's. In this episode we have JMac, GDub, The Wolf, Legs, Little Wolf and Shithead. A Wednesday humpday news edition pushed to a Monday morning episode. We hit on some racist issues and GDub gives us the low down on why a hispanic will be president before another black dude will. We...