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Mar 27, 2012

Kid and Silverback recap a nite of visiting Hooters and tell everyone to be nice to women because lets face it their vagina's take a pounding. Go Deep and have someone yank on your balls to make your junk look bigger. 

1:30 Kleen is selling you something

1:40 Salespeople… gotta love em

2:00 Facebook and Google will...

Mar 21, 2012

Kid, Red Eye and Dirty Dell discuss why pussies who get girlfriends suck asses because they tie you down. We cover all sorts of crazy trips south to weddings and how to pretend your in a relationship and the official way to keep your virginity. Go Deep already or we will piss in your face. 

Mar 15, 2012

Kid welcomes Red Eye and Dirty D to the show. We talk abot about strip clubs, hookers, naked chicks and fans and listeners who'd kill for the members of the GDS. More Show notes to come.  Just listen alright. Or We'll send Spoo there to kick your ass. Go Deep. 

Mar 14, 2012

Kid and GDub in your ears. Kid describes his new geeky status as he gets his own Division in a Wiffleball League. GDub tells everyone he has a jumper and will take your ass to town on the hardwood. Gdub's old lady attempts to compare herself to the Dirty blonde lesbos who are dildoing each other while GDub is...

Mar 11, 2012

Kid welcomes JMac and Silverback to the program where we discuss the fact that Silverback doesn't have a girlfriend yet. His disastrous blind date that ended with naked women pulled from ditches and puking all over the place. We call out a local town for living in the 90s still and still rocking the Flannel Shirts...