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Jan 31, 2012

Kid, JMac and GDub discuss the story of the century, Fisting, Triple Anal and all other sorts of goodies. We're pumping this one out to you without our regular show notes but they will be hittin you later. Go Deep already. 

Jan 25, 2012

In Studio: Kid, GDub and Wally

A completely blown out episode of the show. On the drunk scale this one is off the charts.  We play porn clips, talk about He-man and why you shouldn't break into Ivan Drago's house. We try to get Wally to open up on the exclusive clip of him and his woman banging and GDub comes to the...

Jan 24, 2012

In Studio: Kid, GDub, Wally

Kid and the crew bring you the 1,010th episode of the Goin' Deep Show where topics range from how much the Kid loves himself. How his X doesn't have balls but thinks she does, Naked nuns hanging from the walls in the new studio and Wally's Outdoor hunting extravaganza. 

GDub comes up with a...

Jan 23, 2012

In Studio: Kid, GDub and Wally

In this episode of The Goin' Deep Show we learn about the words Bitch and Cunt, talk about the manliest and least manly sports, we revisit Wally's take on relationships, who he's gonna marry and how to get her to simply to do what you want by pointing at things. We toss a shout to...

Jan 19, 2012

In Studio: Kid and JMac

On Skype: Hat Trick

A buzzed Kid and JMac bring Hat Trick in via skype where she gets assaulted via the internet. We ask her where she wants the load to go, whether or not she's had one blasted all over her face and if she's ever shared a guy with one of her friends. 

We find out that JMac uses...