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Nov 26, 2013

The Kid and Don Tang sit in on this episode of Goin' Deep where they discuss some crazy bitch yelling at her husband, how to kill people at an amusement park, ways to get your dick hard that will land you in the hospital and Jenna Jameson doing threesomes and slapping guys around. Listen in Go Deep

Nov 15, 2013

In this Goin' Deep Show the Kid asks Daisy and Luna if they have a bunch of different races on their sexual bucket list. We discuss oral sex and how to get the fuck out of it by pretending to be terrible at it. Spit or swallow gets brought up at some point and we recap a night of going way too far drinking. Pantie talk...

Nov 13, 2013

Kid welcomes back Daisy and Dutch to the show and introduces us all to Luna.  The Kid asks the normal lineup of disgusting sexual questions you've all come to love and expect. On top of that we talk threesomes, booze and tit size.  Its all that and some nipple piercings to get you through your hump day....

Nov 9, 2013

Kid welcomes back Neo and Sputnik where they discuss how she snaps back into shape after getting banged, we talk about what to put on your junk when she's blowing and what kind of fart sounds couples make during sex. We do a comparison of girly girl vs tom boy chicks and how long we all last. We discuss how clingy...

Nov 8, 2013

Kid welcomes Sputnik and newcomer Neo into the studio for episode 1200.  Sputnik seems giddy with excitement to talk about her sexual exploits with Neo. Sputnik gets called out on banging bar hoppers and Sputnik just can't stop talking about gigantic wang. Listen in Go Deep.