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Feb 29, 2012

The Kid welcomes Ducky and Hat Trick to Studio 163 where they talk about how many times they'll be banging on a boat, Their relationships with hot sisters, how many times Hat Trick has gone down on women and Ducky's X 69 with a bosses wife who once was the babysitter. We drop the BiBi Jones love in as usual and we...

Feb 28, 2012

Ok we've gotten through moving week and its about time the second half of The sexy SerenityX show hits your eardrums. In Studio Ducky and Hat Trick blow snot, Talk about disastrous attempts to hookup and the crew describes various ways of revenge. We talk sex toys, Mirrors in the bedroom and Shithead makes us look at a...

Feb 21, 2012

The Kid pops the cherry of the new studio with Hat Trick, Shithead, Serenity X, and Ducky. We keep Serenity up late and the in studio guests pop major wood to SerenityX's voice. We talk sex positions, crazy public gangbangs and getting your tits tattooed. The start of a new era of Goin' Deep Shows begins as the Old...

Feb 15, 2012

In Studio: The Kid - On Skype: Shithead

0:30 Intros

0:40 No shit Whitney Houston died

2:00 How to write songs about being dumped

3:30 Alicia Keyes has Magnum hips

3:30 The GDS on Zaldor's World Feb. 27th

5:00 The Kid couldn't do real radio

5:30 Having Beers with Zaldor

6:30 Is Fergie Hot or not?

7:00 Don't pull...

Feb 14, 2012

In Studio: Oz, Red Eye
On Skype: Hat Trick and Shithead

0:30 Intros
1:20 You ever heard of getting your pee pee pierced
1:35 How about a butthole piercing
2:00 Cheek?
2:30 Hat Trick found pictures
2:45 The Vagina coloring book
3:00 Anal piercing
3:45 Shithead and the Bar
4:30 You're a drunken humanitarian
5:00 Bar...