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Nov 18, 2020

Kid and Kleen mention real life meetings to plan for the show, What the actual Fuck.  The Kid is sick of that goddamn Fleetwood Mac Song being played everywhere, Kleen sends a bunch of memes that are unrelated then does a recap of his kid playing fall softball. We do a review of the Twin Peaks Breastaraunt. We do a male vs female then hit headlines that include a party with mom scenario, Rogan’s producer gets Covid and we wrap with a Hottie of the week. Listen in and go Fucking Deep. 


1:00 Welcome Zaldor - The Matrix 

2:00 Morning Meetings 

3:00 Planning and loving meetings

4:00 Viral Fleetwood Mac song 

5:00 Three Dog Night - Shambala 

6:00 No Stairway to Heaven 

7:00 Study how we collect things - ADHD 

8:00 Random meme collection 

9:00 Kleen and memes 

10:00 Recap Daughter softball  

11:00 Fall Ball - Weather 

12:00 Google Twin Peaks 

13:00 Cooch remembers snicker doodles 

14:00 Kleen is quiet 

15:00 Angle the microphone 

16:00 Forgetting everything Littally 

17:00 You took my birthday wish 

18:00 Naps. Food - What guys want 

19:00 Single banging 

20:00 Boyfriend being confronted at Target 

21:00 Joe Rogan producer with Covid 

22:00 Party with mom 

23:00 Party mom details 

24:00 Constantly reminded of what not to do 

25:00 Shower vs Grower 

26:00 China has been a dead horse beating 

27:00 Enjoy yourself and get F’d up - Kleen typing 

28:00 Paige Van zant - PHOTW

29:00 Final Words - Appreciate killing 30 min. 

Go Deep.