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Jan 11, 2021

Goin' Deep Show Episode 1632

Please, pretty please don’t start a podcast. A public service announcement from some Australians and from us here at The Goin’ Deep Show. We do some urban dictionary, play a clip of some hillbillies and one of those Paul boys saying even more dumb shit than we do. Did we mention someone called us homophobes on Apple Podcasts.  We’re hurt. Wah! Go Deep. 


1:00 It’s cold out

2:00 June 7th - Episode 1737 

3:00 Shoninzo in Chicago  

4:00 The method to the madness 

5:00 Goin’ Deep Show quality 

6:00 I appreciate the input  

7:00 Encourage the input - leave a review 

8:00 We love the podcasters of the world 

9:00 Don’t Start a Podcast

10:00 Conan O’Brien and every celebrity has a podcast  

11:00 They did a great job sending a message

12:00 Homo is a funny word 

13:00 Hungarian right wing politician at a gang bang 

14:00 Hypocrites at the 25 man gangbang 

15:00 Homo Based urban dictionary 

16:00 Quiz show with Kleen - Cock Stuffing

17:00 How did you know?  

18:00 Cock Stuffing dude 

19:00 Steiner Brothers 

20:00 Jake Paul saying dumb shit

21:00 Zero percent of this fight happening 

22:00 Red Bar Radio fans - Mike David  

23:00 Pronounce the name correctly 

24:00 Fifty Million dollars to fight 

25:00 I’d let someone hit me with a bat 

26:00 Beautiful camper trailer - if the price is right 

27:00 He aint your real dad 

28:00 Tickle the nads - Sex robot hack 

29:00 Final Words -  Tell us were awful

Go Deep.