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Mar 8, 2021

Goin' Deep Show Episode 1672

Yelling at Lebron, get famous, cause a scene and you can influence. Kid tells you how to heckle millionaires, we tease a John Stamos video, Talk about old school stag films and Social network bullshit. We wrap with Salma Hayek saying something but who cares… she’s got titties. Listen in. Go Deep.


1:00 So many things to hear and see

2:00 A lot of dedication that goes into this shit

3:00 Lebron James - Shownotes mode

4:00 LeBron getting heckled by a small blonde chick

5:00 Cause a scene to be famous

6:00 Heckling millionaires 

7:00 Dye you suck, suck you Dye

8:00 Half ass reading

9:00 Realizing that celebrity would suck

10:00 New VIP area - John Stamos

11:00 Cockiness of a hot person

12:00 Kid called out about porn

13:00 Old porn stars from the 90s

14:00 Kleen coaching the track team

15:00 AI tech - Deep fakery

16:00 Computer images of women vs men

17:00 AI knowing what you want

18:00 Social dilemma

19:00 Al Gores rhythm

20:00 Shoninzo

21:00 Evidence of eating people

22:00 Kleen being famous - text messaging 

23:00 Eminem pretending to be black 

24:00 Chill the fuck out

25:00 Salma Hayek

26:00 Kid’s heritage - who gives a fuck?

27:00 Celebrity bullshit

28:00 The Algorithm

29:00 Final Words -  didn’t mention the porn again

Go Deep.