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Mar 19, 2021

Goin' Deep Show Episode 1681

Kid and Kleen review a classic skin flick named Pretty Peaches, relive an episode from 13 years ago where it is revealed that Mr. Kleen and JMac may have banged the same chick. Kleen loves midgets and gives you one to check out and we play a clip of an uncle helping out someone clean our her ass. We play a clip of a little asshole yelling at his teacher and we wrap with The Kid giving Mr. Kleen’s daughter some advice for banging in a car. Go Deep.


1:00 Do the ski treatment 

2:00 We call it like it is 

3:00 Covid Cockblock

4:00 The Phenom coming back

5:00 Attempting to pretend they don’t like it

6:00 If you’re not eating your ladies pussy 

7:00 The taint

8:00 400 episodes 13 years ago

9:00 Episode 391 - Bishop pool table lady

10:00 She’s got two fists in this bitch

11:00 Rubbing the vagina

12:00 Is that on Spotify

13:00 Martia May - close to a midget

14:00 Pretty Peaches - premise

15:00 Balls! - Yikes

16:00 Girl loses her memory 

17:00 A great idea - crazy benny hill porn music

18:00 Filling her up with water 

19:00 That bitch took a shit before this scene

20:00 He tried to help her out

21:00 Squirting butthole in the face

22:00 Kid says fuck it to his teacher 

23:00 Teacher being a little bitch

24:00 Dad kills the video games

25:00 The car named Franklin

26:00 Kleen’s daughter getting banged in a car

27:00 The story of sex positions in the car

28:00 Sex position review

29:00 Final Words - Go for the oral

Go Deep.