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Mar 25, 2021

Goin' Deep Show Episode 1685

Kid and Kleen keep it rollin’ discussing antics with a set of twins with fake knockers. Kleen talks about romancing himself, the taste of women’s ass, Eckler not paying strippers, and fun-sized people that can be used for crazy acts and how to count songs correctly. Listen in. Go Deep.


1:00 What is the guy's agenda

2:00 Heartfelt, grip on my dick

3:00 Point the ghetto rig heater

4:00 Porno you have to watch/film - treat

5:00 Chaos and the reminder

6:00 The motivational poster - threesome

7:00 Itchy scenario, sneak into house

8:00 Sex in the hot tub vs other acts

9:00 Kleen and the after-hours cop hot tub

10:00 Twin tit job

11:00 You got a weird thing going on in your pants

12:00 I got time to yank it

13:00 The Spinoff show - Saggy Tits

14:00 Women addicted to the taste of their own ass

15:00 WTF just happened

16:00 Mia Malkova butt is getting huge

17:00 Hottest chick on the planet

18:00 Going bowling 7-10 split time

19:00 Midget fun-sized fetish

20:00 The butter churner with the midget

21:00 Looking like a porn star

22:00 Hype up the wrestling - bad guys 

23:00 Kleen on edge the whole night

24:00 Eckler getting kicked out of the strip club

25:00 Stripper song count

26:00 Replacing equipment

27:00 Spotify bought Anchor Kleen

28:00 Pizza guy stories

29:00 Final Words - Prepare your ass

Go Deep.