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Jul 5, 2021

Goin' Deep Show Episode 1785

Kid and Kleen play a game of can you concentrate? Recap a few news headlines regarding self control, wonder where it all finishes and tell you how a local bar owner found a loophole to kick off the day. Go Deep. 


1:00 The Routine guys

2:00 Come on shoot me I wanna die

3:00 Mr. Kleen’s Skanky cock gobbling whore of the week

4:00 Are you sure? 

5:00 Control your own mind, control yourself

6:00 Essentially a Hot or Not website

7:00 13-14 years of Fucking Facebook

8:00 Try to concentrate Mr. Kleen

9:00 He can’t concentrate

10:00 Two of the hottest chicks you’ve ever seen 

11:00 A baseball team from your twat instantly 

12:00 Getting back to normal 

13:00 How to use a loophole 

14:00 Kleen and his powerlifting titties 

15:00 Pilot watching porno while in flight 

16:00 Getting the job done - load blow

17:00 Kleen seems more cranked up 

18:00 Special Agent info 

19:00 Final Words - Recap - head in the right place 

Go Deep.