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Jul 21, 2021

Goin' Deep Show Episode 1801

Kid and Kleen talk of pastors doing absolutely the wrong thing when helping a couple, We encourage people to buy some merchandise, Kid makes fun of those less gifted and we wrap with Billie Eilish, Chinese and mouthing the absolute wrong thing. Listen in. Go Deep. 


1:00 We’re making out with each other - the Worse thing ever 

2:00 That’s kinda creepy - She’s got a boyfriend

3:00 Growing up so much faster - Take care of me

4:00 Kleen was humping everything - Super Shy

5:00 Go buy some merchandise - Go to

6:00 Preachers are no more human than we

7:00 Fuck that - Check out the wifey

8:00 Divorce and cheating with the family pastor

9:00 Anxiety, depression and banging your wife

10:00 Fantasy boob bounce 

11:00 Stupid shit is never important - Terrible story 

12:00 Just start driving - TMI impressions 

13:00 Walking behind the TMI 

14:00 It was so funny and wrong 

15:00 Tiny asian cock

16:00 She just mouthed it? 

17:00 Its the world we live in 

18:00 Scroll for hottie 

19:00 Final Words - If you hate yourself call us 989-220-6626 

Go Deep.