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Feb 21, 2012

The Kid pops the cherry of the new studio with Hat Trick, Shithead, Serenity X, and Ducky. We keep Serenity up late and the in studio guests pop major wood to SerenityX's voice. We talk sex positions, crazy public gangbangs and getting your tits tattooed. The start of a new era of Goin' Deep Shows begins as the Old studio is finally put to rest.

GDS Front Office Studio Born Saturday, October. 2, 2004 - Last Day,  Sunday, February 19, 2012. 

GDS Studio 163 - The Padded Room,  First recording Sunday, February 19th, 2012.  - Go Deep. 

Minute Show Notes. 

0:20 Intros - Hat Trick, Ducky, Shithead, Serenity X

1:00 The voice gives you boners


5:00 I can't do ass floss

7:00 GDS on location in the UK

10:00 Missionary with legs on the shoulders

12:00 Fat Tuesday or Pancake day

15:00 Her titties are fucking ridiculous

17:00 Awesome Tittie Tattoos

20:00 My balls have to be controlled - No Boxers

23:00 Bukkake gangbange

25:00 Brazillian fart fetish lesbians

26:00 The Dogging Scene

28:00 Hillbilly Girls