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Feb 28, 2012

Ok we've gotten through moving week and its about time the second half of The sexy SerenityX show hits your eardrums. In Studio Ducky and Hat Trick blow snot, Talk about disastrous attempts to hookup and the crew describes various ways of revenge. We talk sex toys, Mirrors in the bedroom and Shithead makes us look at a gaping vagina. It'll make your wouth water….. with vomit. Go Deep. 

0:30 Intros - Hat Trick snotty

1:15 Ducky's Voice

1:40 Hat Trick is roughed up

1:50 Smoke a Doob or a pole

2:30 Who did you fuck again?

3:00 Girls are always into it at first

4:00 Hat Trick fucked on the show and I can't even remember who

5:00 Serenity X's ways of revenge

6:10 The Kid's ways of revenge

7:00 Shithead's ways of revenge

8:00 The three way Recordings and the vandalism

10:00 The Weasel

12:25 Girls don't vandalize

12:55 How Many sex toys do you have?

13:30 The Rabbit or The Bullet

13:50 The Electro set

14:30 Magnum's vibrating Panties

15:30 The Salesperson

16:00 Cunt - Things I want to make SerenityX say

16:30 Drugs

17:11 Pussy Fisting

17:20 Girl on Girl action

18:00 Hillbilly Land

19:30 WTF is up with the gigantic pussy

20:00 Any problems with the wetness

22:00 Ducky's blind date disaster

24:00 The worst booty call ever

24:50 Movie description

26:00 Born in 1992

27:00 I could see her vag lips

27:20 Crazy Twitter sex session

28:00 Holy huge swinger

29:00 Outtro