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Aug 6, 2012

Kid, Hat Trick, Sookie and Yukon in Studio.  Its Catchup time here in August with the shows back log finally hitting your ear holes.  Hat Trick has brought in a great bottle opener with the GDS Logo on it. Sookie is showing lots of legs and flashing some panties. Kid previews the Hot Box competition which involves slip and slides. We make sure the women in studio are sweaty enough for the optimum cleavage sweat situation.  Hat Trick whips her tittie out at Kroger and it leaves Yukon speechless. Yukon is all man and the Kid is jealous because he's banged both of the ladies. We bring up the half handy/footie and who didn't come through in the end and finish it. We wonder if Sookie injured her Rotator cuff which made her have to go to the foot job. We ask why Sookie doesn't have tattoos and we get the girls to discuss their whole pantie situation. Did we mention that Hat Trick had her ankles tied to her wrist. I think we get into fisting. Go Deep… with a fist.