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Aug 22, 2012

Kid welcomes DJH, Sputnik, and Hat Trick into the Padded Room Studio 163. Hat Trick calls out Sputnik about the fake boobs that wonder bra's create. Hat Trick attempts to hook Sputnik up with Deliveryboys friends…. including some sexting where Hat Trick takes pics of topless Sputnik. We encourage with no success to help out with the sexy pics. DJH's X has huge-mongous titties and we throw a shout to a listener who is wearing the Goin' Deep Show wife beater… with full on nippage. I think DJH calls out the ant farm on the titties and these tits are so huge they appear to be eating the logo on the front. Hat Trick also gets wet discussing the werewolf sex scene from True Blood. Go Deep and Listen or call and complain to our Listen Line at 206-202-DEEP (3337).