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Mar 8, 2014

Kid welcomes Blackfoot in studio and GDub from Atlanta where we discuss a video of the greatest wedding ever. There were strippers involved and the coolest wife ever. Awkwards happen at various moments with the young kids in the croud but amazing thonged ass is in this video and you should watch it.  

The Kid gets anxious about new domain names and how he can twist anything into something perverted and dirty. 

Kid outlines a legit international company using the same GDS name and color scheme and we're thankful for their online store. 

Kid gives us the rundown on a local coffeeshop visit where little boys and hot young chicks just go to bullshit about video games and not how they would have no idea how to pleasure a chick. 

Kid talks a bit about his favorite new app that he uses to just simply mess with locals and their pathetic lives.