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Jan 19, 2015

Kid welcomes GDub and Wally in on this MLK day release.  We play a game with Gdub for the first time called WTF did the NBomb Say? Kid screws over the live video feed.  This is the first recording testing the new Friday night schedule. Kid reveals that his significant other is way more realistic about recording regularly.  We hit on the subjects of dirty looks when at a restaurant, sex toys used over the internet now has a companion social network. Wally tells us the story of what he did with a blowup doll, Kid relives the days of playing Leisure Suit Larry and gives us the low down on smuggling weapons into jails via a girls twat. We hit up some hot chick chatter toward the end and how we used to wait for porn to load on old computers.  I think we make fun of Cameron Diaz and her wrinkled up face. Site of the night Mr. Skin and did we mention GDub knows a tard who was in Something about Mary? Listen in and celebrate your fucking day off being offended by a trio of dumbasses. Go Deep.