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Dec 11, 2015

Kid welcomes in Don and Pooty Tang into the studio.  In this episode we discuss flap jack tits, how to eat breakfast off your ladies titties and how not to get to violent while slapping around your woman's boobies when they have titties. We discuss lube and how you can buy some glow in the dark lube that comes in a sugar bear container that Pooty said she would put up her ass. The Kid suggest having a tarp room where the room is just covered with lube. Pooty makes sure to tell us the proper term for the dick hole and we show her a dude who's dick is so large that he had to get it operated on to shrink it down.  We also discuss some guns and a friend who nearly blasted his goddamn foot off. We toss around suicide, how not to kill yourself and we push this weeks Hottie of the week Cassy Ventura. Kid pushes some buttons that may or may not anger the ladies of the world. Its pretty much the same bullshit that happens every show.  We make fun of the She shed, the girl version of the man cave. We kick out an urban dictionary term and say a bunch of other shit. Go Deep.