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Dec 18, 2015

Kid and Mr. Kleen in studio for episode 1300  where the Kid discusses the loss of his favorite website.  How much he loves the fact that if you have a smart phone and are ever bored you're just a fucking asshole who needs to get a fucking life. Kleen gives us the miracle jerk off lotion. We're drinking PBR for our what's on tap and do some Periscope action and were performing for some bitches in Brazil. Kleen actual asks himself what is going on in his life after drunk driving and throwing up in his own mouth after sucking down a case of beer. We discuss how women while getting gang banged find their favorite dick and you have to appreciate that.  She picks out her favorite. We really appreciated the fact that porn sites now are getting so organized that you can filter out shit down to exactly what you want and you can even pick how much time you have to jerk your shit off. Go Deep.