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Dec 14, 2016

Kid welcomes Meadow, Red Eye, ARod, and El Presidente to the show where we ask which little boys Meadow has on the hook for the evening.

ARod tries to tell us that Red Eye has never seen her boobies or penetrated her vagina but we all know better and want to see them titties anyway. 

We talk about huge dicks and which one ARod has on her phone to display to the in-studio guests. We hit the sex toy tip and figure out how to solve life problems through the art of masturbation.

One of the in studio ladies claims to never watch porn and the other says she lets her guy watch it while she sucks him off.

Meadow gives us the lowdown on going down on an 18-year-old who went down on her but then couldn’t keep it hard when she was giving him head.

We wrap up the show making an in-studio booty call live to finish off the suck and fuck. 

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