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Nov 10, 2017

The Kid welcomes back El Presidente to the studio to sit in along with Hollywood. Novembers push to release a show every day continues and this one is all over the board with topics that include how long we expect to live, The Kid getting pissed off during a downtown loft recording, four days worth of masturbation and angry choking sex. We talk sex toys, new ways the kid wants to make a woman cum, ointments added to your dick, and he is beginning to sound a little more curious about the butt play after hearing a few of his cohosts discuss it more.  No poo of course.

We wrap up with a teaser about getting snipped and female doctors finger up the butt.

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Go Deep

Minute by Minute breakdown of the show

  • 1:50 El Presidente returns
  • 2:00 How long we’ll live
  • 3:00 You need to workout so you can live
  • 4:00 Recording on location and getting fucking pissed
  • 6:00 Getting sideswiped
  • 7:00 Typing a four-page note - guys are idiots
  • 8:00 The Kid’s list of shit to talk about - Just talk and chill
  • 10:00 Resenting your kid
  • 11:00 Four days worth of masturbation
  • 12:00 Hollywood’s date
  • 13:00 Angry hate sex fucking
  • 14:00 Starting a fight to have sex - choking
  • 15:00 Back to the neck grab
  • 16:00 Liking to be spanked/chocked, / slapped
  • 17:00 Wevibe and the kid’s new way to get you off
  • 18:00 You know your clit better than I do
  • 19:00 Overstimulation sex
  • 20:00 stuff to add to your junk
  • 21:00 Let's not fart or shit my pants - no turds, please
  • 22:00 Let's talk butt play
  • 23:00 What is the tiniest dildo they make - no butt play
  • 24:00 I don’t want to lick whipped cream off of poop finger
  • 25:00 No poop, please
  • 27:00 Seems like she likes when I knuckle in there
  • 28:00 Should I wax my asshole - prostate exam
  • 29:00 Female doctor old lady finger up your ass

WRAPUP: Vasectomy