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Mar 21, 2020

Kid welcomes Wally and Gdub to this episode where we kick more Carona craziness, Kid encourages everyone to capture life because anyone who does establishes themselves as the source of their families legacy simply because there are more photos of you than any other family member. We discuss how much mayhem could happen in Detroit now that the cops all have the Coronavirus and we question Wally about heading down to help snipe some criminals.  Tom Hanks story doesn’t make sense to Wally and we don’t believe that Utah Jazz player who touched all those microphones is really sorry. We throw a shoutout to Red Bar Radio and Mike D who just keeps mocking the hell out of toilet paper people. Wally suggests we do some glitter bombs, and Kid rips on assholes who do these gender reveal parties and discusses the ticking time bomb known as a woman’s time of the month. We relive some glory days about buying CDs and what we’ll want to hear on our deathbed. Listen in Go Deep.