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Jul 2, 2020

IN STUDIO: Kid, Mr. Kleen, Cooch and  LB // We hit that insane number known as 1,500 and in this episode Mr. Kleen brings in his flavor of the week and she’s rocking some large ones. We outline our pube shaving routine, talk about sending selfies when you’re stuck in quarantine and angry hate sex. The Kid asks how many dating apps it takes to hook Mr. Kleen and Cooch up and we get the rundown on what kind of fella gives Cooch a superlike. Mr. Kleen gives everyone the location of the biggest titties in the state of Michigan and the Kid tries to trigger every little snowflake on earth who can’t handle the words coming out of his mouth. We have a blast from the past and talk about actual real live porn magazines, vhs tapes and how to conceal the porn when your parents are about to pull in the driveway.  Kleen wrecks a mattress, probably not his first, and we remember that special episode when porn star Raven Riley came into studio for a visit. We wrap with car banging, cookies and LB’s pre-date with a healthcare worker. All of that and much more in to the 1,500th episode of The Goin’ Deep Show


1:00 Intro - How early did you start drinking

2:00 A female comedian who is hilarious? The unicorn?

3:00 Nudie pics going back and forth

4:00 Live by your own standards 

5:00 Clean your pubes 

6:00 Hate sex 

7:00 How many guys you chatting with? 

8:00 Flint ladies have the melons

9:00 Smelly with some extra ball sweat 

10:00 Tinder superlike 

11:00 Lets change everything to save your feelings 

12:00 Freaking the fuck out retards 

13:00 Back in my day you had to purchase porn 

14:00 Paralyzer’s package 

15:00 LB’s first porno 

16:00 The porno shop 

17:00 Hide the screen from the parents

18:00 Kleen wrecks a brand new mattress  

19:00 That chick is not small anymore 

20:00 Raven Riley in studio talk 

21:00  Flesh light trademarked pussy 

22:00 Want me to make some cookies 

23:00 I touched boobs 

24:00 Flick the bean to someone else  

25:00 Does this guy have anything strange

26:00 Car banging in Michigan 

27:00 LB’s date

28:00 Healthcare chick 

29:00 Final Words - How big are them nips


Go Deep.