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Jul 27, 2020

IN STUDIO: The Kid, Mr. Crowley & Gdub on phone

Kid and Crowley get deep discussing fucktards who can’t speak correct english, Masks and toothless meth heads along with how to piss off a bitch who has a problem with the guy who took her virginity.  Kid also relives the time he was asked to take photos off the internet and how pissed off it made him. We throw a shout out to one of our favorite shows and reveal to the world that Mr. Crowley was probably the guy who started the pandemic.  We wrap up the evening with a call out to Endo who is naked in the house in the air conditioner getting her nipples all hard. Oh and did we mention she thinks the Kid is on Coke? Listen in and Go Deep. 

Tune in and Go Deep. 


1:00 The overly sensitive clit

2:00 The overly sensitive bitch

3:00 The virginity story

4:00 Stay off the Kids Radar

5:00 Don’t ask me to do something i don’t want

6:00 What is this fucking show? 

7:00 The Blood Boilers

8:00 Hat Tip to Red Bar Radio

9:00 Invest your time and interest in your projects

10:00 - old show listeners

11:00 Fucktards who don’t know how to talk

12:00 The Kid and his mask - Gdub homework

13:00 The Thursday night recordings

14:00 Lets call the Phenom

15:00 Crowley started the Pandemic

16:00 I look like an old man retard

17:00 Old people with no teeth - You ever done crack

18:00 I clearly don’t give a fuck

19:00 We’re pissed because we haven’t fought yet

20:00 Who’s watching live?  - Lets call endo

21:00 What flavor of ointments do you have on

22:00 The Endo photo shoot

23:00 You’re on the show either way

24:00 Take a freaking break

25:00 Getting accused of doing coke

26:00 You’d love to finger the asshole 

27:00 The gritty shit on the cat tongue

28:00 Wake up early as you get older

29:00 Musical wrap-up

Go Deep.