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Jul 30, 2020

IN STUDIO: The Kid, Endo, Mr. Kleen, Silverback

The Kid gives us the lowdown on what happened in his neighborhood this morning, we have some confusion, some fast food, talk about gray sweats and I think at one point Endo gets a GoPro shoved in her butt crack.  Its a weird episode of the show because of some death. Listen in and go deep. 


1:00 Where to watch - Tech difficulties

2:00 The neighbor and his back story

3:00 Kid describes the scene this morning

4:00 The death confusion

5:00 We can only speculate what happened

6:00 The misunderstanding and feeling bad

7:00 Mr. Kleen and Wahlbergers

8:00 The gray sweats

9:00 No underwear and two cracks

10:00 Endo didn’t know Marky Mark

11:00 Kleen sending dick pics

12:00 Knob slobbing 

13:00 Less than half the time it normally takes

14:00 Kissing ass / announcement

15:00 Talking like Connor McGregor

16:00 On Tap - Devil Dog

17:00 A workout before the game

18:00 Taking a coney dog as a game challenge

19:00 Silverback doesn’t need a soundboard

20:00 Wide cam is not made for Silverback

21:00 I jammed a GoPro attachment inter her butt

22:00 Big floppy jalopy’s 

23:00 Friends who get in engaged. 

24:00 Getting accused of shit you didn’t do

25:00 I would tell you if I did

26:00 Boner coke

27:00 Silvers new lady

28:00 That chick is loopy



Go Deep.