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Aug 25, 2020

Kid and Kleen welcome Jay Action Jackson and his MultiverseFC to the show.  We talk about beating people up, punching, kicking and kneeing motherfuckers in the face and we get to know Jay and his brand. Kleen discusses his ambitions as a younger version of himself and wanting to fight but being denied. Lots of fight info and promoting the MultiversFC in this one.  Listen in and go Fucking Deep. 


1:00 The Owen Fight

2:00 The Kid’s Kid wants to meet Action Jackson

3:00 UFC’s with no crowd

4:00 Grew up

5:00 Dad beat the shit out of ya

6:00 The double knockout

7:00 How the fight was - The corner

8:00 The mindset of walking into the cage

9:00 Done in 35 seconds

10:00 How many people come with you

11:00 The ref and the pat down

12:00 He’s adorable look at how many he brought

13:00 Prep for a fight

14:00 Drop lbs. Kleen looks the same

15:00 Lady’s throwing themselves at you

16:00 Getting in studio

17:00 The Brooklyn Brawler

18:00 Tuesday and Thursday shows

19:00 Wrestling in the 90s

20:00 Ultimate Warrior

21:00 Study wrestling

22:00 The Multiverse FC

24:00 Bang on the legs and I’m screwed

25:00 Training in D Town

26:00 Kleen’s dream to fight

27:00 Kleen as a wrestler

28:00 Kleen was tiny at the time

29:00 Losing weight so fast

Go Deep.