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Sep 24, 2020

Episode 1555

The Kid’s kid does the intro… ya freaking jerks and Endo is in on the rest of the show with Kid and Kleen. Topics include Facebook controversy, horny pedo’s, Bruce the transformer and a few sites of the night including NakedBaking, GagOnMyCock and Slutchomper. Endo says she has a hard time finding cocks on the internet and we wrap up with Elon Musk and that shit he’s trying to wire to your brain.  Listen in and go Fucking Deep. 


1:00 Have some of my beer-coffee

2:00 Facebook and controversy  

3:00 Don’t support the horny Petos

4:00 When Bruce became a transformer 

5:00 I have to watch it and form my own opinion

6:00 Form an opinion on your own 

7:00 We have no idea what we’re talking about 

8:00 Endo thinks the HOTW has a flat ass 

9:00 Proud of our bitch 

10:00 Kleen wants a 200 lb dog 

11:00 Intimidating dogs 

12:00 New FB and keeping people on the site 

13:00 Mr. Kleen’s domain 

14:00 I like dong vs dick - Site of the night

15:00 Dicks are as far as the eye can see 

16:00 All these tech companies just rip each other off 

17:00 Produce the podcast you smart mother fucker 

18:00 Kid’s closest friends 

19:00 You can use the internet for good or bad 

20:00 NakedBaking Youtube channel 

21:00 Being alive without social media 

22:00 Checking your goddamn phone all the time 

23:00 Elon and the Neurolink 

24:00 Elon has that shit in his head already 

25:00 Fixing your brains 

26:00 Connecting to the outside world 

27:00 Fixing our heads 

28:00 Mr. Crowley is down to do it 

29:00 Final Words - I don’t know

Go Deep.