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Sep 28, 2020

IN STUDIO:  Kid, Silverback, Endo, L.B. and Thundercat HO get technical in this one where we discuss glass dildos from, we try to figure out what our new late night show will be called featuring our adult entertainment guests, women doing searches on the internet for dick pics, and Captain American’s wang in particular. L.B. gives us the lowdown on a cookout that goes absolutely right, condom flavors, and the kid suggests a virginity test for all you virgins.  Silverback asks where the fitting room is for his condom sizing.  Sorry for any audio snafu’s that happen at random times throughout.  We’re on it.  Don’ you worry about it little babies.  GoDeep. 

Listen in and go Fucking Deep. 


1:00 The Kid’s Show Notes - visit 8Hol

2:00 Sluts R Us. #truckerfucker 

3:00 You had Brandi Love in here?

4:00 Glass dildos

5:00 Brandi Love Stories 

6:00 Best porn star interview 

7:00 Never watching the movie they were in 

8:00 Brother in law getting dragged out by his ear 

9:00 Fuck up hard and fast and ride it out 

10:00 Girls doing dong searching 

11:00 Chris Evans dick pic 

12:00 Getting it in - no micropenis

13:00 Went to a cookout - ended up naked

14:00 Outrage over Male vs Female sex 

15:00 I don’t just want some random dick pics 

16:00 She wants to watch me masturbate 

17:00 She wanted me to touch myself 

18:00 First condom i used thicker than a good year 

19:00 Experimenting with condoms 

20:00 Youtube condom tattoo 

21:00 The first time is always the best 

22:00 The feeling of discovery 

23:00 Butter Pecan Cock Coleslaw 

24:00 Bleed like a motherfucker - Virginity kit

25:00 Bleed everywhere - young dude not knowing better 

26:00 Popping my girlfriends cherry 

27:00 Rape kit? WTF? 

28:00 Dick pic - lets see the show 

29:00 Final Words - Don’t show it unless they ask

Go Deep.